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Race : Human
Gender : Male
Class :
Cleric 8th Level
Alignment :  Lawful Evil
AD&D Stats: Str 14; Dex 10; Con 15; Int 12; Wis 16; Cha 18; Ac 1 (plate mail +2); THAC0 16; hp 50
Residence: Wanders
Ht 6'2"; Wt 195 lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon: Nightbringer
Special Abilities:

Verminaard was evil since childhood. He grew to be a murderer who felt no remorse for any of his actions. He was a cleric of Takhisis and the Dragon Highlord of the Red Wing but was not trusted by many in the army. It was the duty of his mount to keep an eye on him rather than serve him. He controled the fortress of Pax Tharkas where many slaves were kept an tortured. Verminaard wielded an arcane mace called Nightbringer that had the ability to blind his opponents upon command.

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