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Item Code: #9327 (DLS3)

Title: Oak Lords

Author: Blake Mobley

Type: Adventure

Published: 1991

Format: 32-page book, w/tri-fold cover

The DRAGONLANCE Saga Continues!

Before the Cataclysm, the great Kith-Kanan and a band of brave elves seperated from their Silvanesti brethren and founded the legendary realm of Qualinesti. Then, just prior to the War of the Lance, the fledgling kingdom toppled before evil dragon armies. Now the great war is over and new beginnings arise!

The new Speaker of Suns, Porthios-Kanan, returns to Qualinesti with his people, but they find it it ruin. The elves think to abandon and heritage, yet Porthios will not admit defeat. He gathers a small band of heroes to discover if Qualinost, the elven capital, still stands!

This adventure, the second part of a trilogy, will lead the PCs to many ancient secrets and magical wonders, including an excursion into the Astral plane!

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