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Item Code: #9395 (DLS4)

Title: New Tales: The Land Reborn

Author: John Terra

Type: Adventure

Published: 1993

Format: 96-page book w/quad-fold cover


The War of the Lance may be over, but the Heroes' jobs have only begun.

Return to the time just after the end of the War, when the land is healing and its peoples are struggling to rebuild their lives. Travel with Tika and Caramon in search of her father, Alleran Waylan. Help a group of kender track down an aging black dragon. Go with Riverwind and Goldmoon, to reclaim the settlement of Que Shu. Or, aid Tanis on a touchy diplomatic mission - to Laurana's people.

Players can once again take the parts of the Heroes of the Lance, and participate in the rebuilding of one of the greatest fantasy worlds ever created: the world of Krynn, the home of the Dragonlances.

Ownership of the
Tales of the Lance boxed set is not required in order to play these adventures, but is suggested.


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