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Item Code: #9396 (DLT2 - nominal)

Title: Book of Lairs

Author: Skip Williams & Nicky D. Rea

Type: Adventure

Published: 1993

Format: 96-page book


At long last, adventure set in Ansalon that can be played in a single session.

In the tradition of the previous Book of Lairs products, the material in this booklet is designed to be inserted into existing DRAGONLANCE campaigns, or played alone as an evening's entertainment. Most of the adventures have been designed for characters with levels averaging from 6 to 10; however, there are also suggestions for making the encounters tougher or easier, depending on the levels of those character being played. At the back of the booklet is a Combined Monsters Statistics Chart, for DM ease of reference.

Whether you're in the midst of a grand campaign, or just looking for a change of pace for an early evening, DRAGONLANCE Book of Lairs is for you!

Access to the
DRAGONLANCE Adventures hardbound, the Time of the Dragon boxed set, and the MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM DRAGONLANCE Appendix
is helpful, but not required, to enjoy this product to its fullest.


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