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Tas's Kender Trail Song

From DragonLance Chronicles Volume 1 (pages 71-72)
Dragons of Autumn Twilight
Novel by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
Poetry by Michael Williams

Your one true love's a sailing ship
That anchors at our pier.
We lift her sails, we man her decks,
We scrub her portholes clear;

And yes, our lighthouse shines for her,
And yes, our shores are warm;
We steer her into harbor-
Any port in a storm.
The sailors stand upon the docks,
The sailors stand in line,
As thirsty as a dwarf for gold
Or centaurs for cheep wine.
For all the sailors love her,
And flock to where she's moored,
Each man hoping that he might
Get down, all hands on board.

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