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Knights of Takhisis

The Knights of Takhisis was formed by Ariakan, son of Dragon Highlord Ariakas. In the end of War of The Lance, he was capture by Solamnic Knights. He was released six years later. During these six years, he learned the structure, organization, and mentality of the knighthood. Finally he learned what could be the major point of the downfall of The Dragonarmies.

When he left the knighthood, he met with Takhisis herself and made a discussion about Dragonarmies' downfall. Ariakan told her his theory and Takhisis finally agreed with that theory, thus the dark knighthood was born.

The foundations of The Knights of Takhisis are The Vision, The Blood Oath, and The Code.

The Vision is a statement of the ultimate goal of the knighthood. The Blood Oath is simple, "Submit or Die." When joining the knighthood, each knight dedicated his body and soul utterly to the cause. The Code is complex set of laws that relate principally to the military situations, but also can be extended into the lives of each member of the knighthood.

There are three orders of the knighthood. They are Knights of The Lily, Knights of The Skull, and The Knights of The Thorn.

Knights of The Lily - The Knights of The Lily are the military might of the knighthood and the center of political power as well. Each knight who enter the knighthood must start as a member of Order of The Lily.

Once a knight reached fifth level of this order, he has to pass The Tests of Takhisis. The tests can be vary, and determined by knight's advocate. Knight who pass the tests are free to choose which order they wish to enter.

The knight is kept in seclusion in the Temple of Takhisis, fasting and praying, for four days prior of the ceremony. At the end of this period, during which the knight receives the Deep Vision, the knight is blessed by dark clerics, and sent forth. Then the knight will be trained in the particular order for about six months, after that he will be accepted as a member of that order.

Knights of The Skull - These knights are the clerical order of the knighthood. They practice the healing arts and are also in charge of both external intelligence and internal security. Knights of The Skull work their arts by stealth and subtlety rather than by force.

Knights of The Thorn - These knights are an order of wizards. They are not related to the Towers of High Sorcery, thus they are considered as renegade wizards. They mostly use gray robes or black robes. Unlike the other wizards orders, they drawn power from all the Krynn's moons as the source of their magic.

Order of Lords - In all orders of the knighthood, once a knight has reached the 14th level, they have an opportunity to enter The Order of Lords.

There are limited number of lord positions, and in order for a knight to advance, a vacancy must already exist within the order. Such vancancy may be created. Advancement through formal challenge and knightly combat is not only permissible but encouraged.

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