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Age of StarBirth ( Age of Gods)        

The High God Awakens.

Out of the chaos, there was thought and being; there was the High God. With celestial hands, the High God drew the plans for a new realm, a new beginning. These plans were written in a book called the Tobril, a book that makes gods of mortal folk.

The Gods are Called.

Into the Beyond, the High God called. There came an answer from two beings: one of light, and one of darkness. They were lesser gods, seeking greatness in the chaos. The king and queen of wyrms, they were. They abandoned their twining struggles against each other and worked together to create a new place for them, a place for greatness.

Gilean is Drawn Forth.

Out of chaos and out of time, the High God summoned a third god. He was Gilean, greatest of sages. Gilean alone, in all of time, was worthy to bear the High God's plans for the universe. He received the plans, the Tobril. Then, the High God departed, for the planning was done and the creation was about to begin.

Reorx and the Companion Gods Come.

Together the three gods summoned helpers. Other, lesser gods came. The greatest of these was Reorx. "Give of yourself," he said, "and I will tame the chaos" And from the gods, Reorx forged a mighty hammer. With the hammer, he smote the chaos and it slowed. Sparks flew from the hammer and lighted the heavens. And there were stars.

Krynn is Made.

Reorx shaped a mighty globe and separated the lands and seas, the light and dark, the heavens and the soil. Then, the other gods gifted the world, each to his or her own. Krynn was blessed with plants and trees, creatures of the earth, water and air, seasons and weather, and untold beauty.

Dragons are Made.

Together, Paladine and Takhisis guided the hand of Reorx and made five rulers of the world. Drawn from the savage elements and encased in frames of base metals, these rulers became one with the world. They were the dragons. But the Dark Queen coveted the dragons and corrupted them. Their metals were tarnished and lost to light.

Good Dragons are Made.

Paladine mourned the loss of his dragon children. He turned to Reorx for comfort and Reorx made five monuments to the lost dragons. He forged these monuments from precious metals. But, Paladine longed to behold his children whole, alive again. And so, he breathed life into the statues.

All-Dragons War.

The gods, the dragons, the beasts of the world, and the light and the dark themselves made war over Takhisis's treacheries. Chaos swirled at the corners of the world, threatening to unmake it. When the gods saw the harm they caused their world, they withdrew, light gods to light, dark gods to dark, and gray gods to gray. There they agreed to stay. They lived and loved for countless eons; thus were born the lesser gods, their children.

The Stars are Claimed.

In the silence that followed, there came the sound of chimes, of heavenly singing. The gods pondered it, and saw that the stars lived. They shone like the gods themselves, shone as pieces of the gods. And the gods coveted these countless spirits.

All-Saints War.

Once again war erupted in the heavens. The firmament shuddered with the struggles of the gods. The gods of light sought to nurture and lead these star spirits. The gods of darkness sought to bind and control them. The gods of gray sought only to set the fledgling spirits free.

The Balance Restored.

Hearing the battle, the High God returned from the Void. And the High God knew wrath. From the fire of wrath, the High God forged the Balance: each family of gods could gift the spirits with one gift. Afterward, the gods must let the spirits be. The gods of light gave the spirits physical bodies so they might become masters of the world. The gods of darkness cursed them with weakness, want, and mortality, that the fearful spirits might be brought to serve Evil. And the gods of shadow gave unto the spirits free will, the ability to shape their own fates.

Birthing Age.

And so, the peoples of the land were formed. The people of the land were three. Stony ogres there were, cold and beautiful, strong but hollow. Wooden elves rose like living trees, tall and regal, graceful, solitary, and proud. And, least of all, were creatures of clay-humans, short and common, simple and bestial. The humans had the capacity to destroy, and to love. These were the children of the world.

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