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The Age of Mortals

In 0SC (Second Cataclysm) after the Abyssal battle with Chaos began a whole new Age. The Age of Mortals. Upon receiving the Highgod's surrender, the Greygem exploded into a thousand pieces. These became the stars that filled the void left by the departing gods. As if to remind all mortals that they are not alone, a single red star burns brightly in the heavens.

In 1 SC The Last heroes' Tomb Built. A tomb honoring those who fell in the war against Chaos was constructed outside Solace. In this year also Palanthas was Attacked. Mysteriously a robed figure appeared and destroyed the Tower of High Sorcery. At the same time the contents of the Great Library of the Ages disappeared. The master of the last Tower, Wayreth, remains silent.

In 2SC came a great red dragon, Malystryx. The following year, in 3SC, Malystryx moved west and claims the region surrounding Kendermore. In an attempt to stop the Dragon, Riverwind and his army of Kenders are slain. All remaining Kenders move East mainly to Hylo. Also in this year Ulin Majere was born.

In 4SC a terrible events known as Dragon Purge begun. Using a frightful arcane ritual, Malystryx destroys the Dragons of Ansalon by consuming their life energies. Because of The Dragon Purge all of Metallic Dragons fled to the Dragon Isles. More Dragons come to Ansalon and begin their own pursuit for power. Khellendros, better known as Skie, the former mount of Kitiara, takes Palanthas and most of northern Solamnia. This year is the birth of Lisha Majere.

Surviving Knights of Takhisis take up residency in Neraka forming alliances with the local Dragons.

Also in this year Legion of Steel founded by Lady Sara Dunstan in honor of Steel Brightblade. She envisioned a group committed to nothing but justice. They are not bound to good or evil only justice and honor. The Legion was made up of both Knights of Solamnia and Takhisis who believe there is no clear line between good and evil.

Distraught over losing so much with her family and goddess Mishakal, in 5SC, Goldmoon travelled to the Inn of the Last Home. On her journey she met a sage that told her to look deep within her heart to find a new form of magic. A battle between two Dragons erupts over the Inn. The battle destroyed the Inn and severally injured a Dwarf. Determined to save the Dwarf, Goldmoon called upon unknown power in her heart and succeeded in healing the Dwarf. The sage then vanished.

In 6SC Black Dragon Onysablet took the eastern Newsea and transforms it into a huge swampland. In this year The Draconians formed the free realm of Teyr.

In 7SC Goldmoon, aided by a mysterious sage, advanced and spread the knowledge and use of Mysticism, healing magic from the heart. Also Palin after his aid in the defeat of Chaos was made head of the conclave.

In 8SC Goldmoon and Jasper Fireforge, the Dwarf, found a School to teach the healing arts on the isle of Schallsea at the site of the Silver Stairs. Thus the Citadel of Light was formed. Also in this year Red Dragon Pyrothraxus took Mt Nevermind.

The following year, 9SC, Lord Liam Erhling took the seat leave by Lord Gunthar. A decision was also made to adopt and follow the revised Measure Lord Gunthar wrote to compensate for the absence of the gods.

In the 11SC Seeing Qualinesti erupted into Chaos, Silvanesti raised a magical shield to prevent ny from entering or leaving the enchanted forest. This shield is called the Sylvan Veil. Also in this year Caramon began the construction of the new Inn of the Last Home after its destruction in 5SC.

In 12SC Gellidus the White Dragon took over Ergoth. Upon his victory he turned all but the west more portions of the island to a glacier. Elves fled to Cristyne and the Humans went to Sancrist.

In 13SC Billee Juniper after the Kender flight changes her name to Belladonna to reflect her sorrow. She strove and attained power over all Kender of Hylo.

In 14SC Stenndunud The Blue Dragon and Iyesta The Brass Dragon took up adjoining realms in the eastern Plains of Dust. Iyesta becomes the first Metallic Dragon to claim a territory for his own.

In 15SC the Vision of Knights of Takhisis returned. The Vision told all to be ready for the Queen's return. Also in this year Sara Dunstan died leaving a Legacy for her faithful followers to ensure the lasting of the Legion of Steel.

In 16SC Three Dragons: Fenalysten a red, Lorrinar a green, and Mohrlex a black take up control of the northern part of Ansalon.

In 17SC Two White Dragons, Cryonisis and Frisindia, took up residence in Ice Wall.

In 20SC Shadow Sorcerer appeared wielding a new form of magic.

In 25SC The Dragon Beryllinthranox used the Dark Knights and the ancient magic of Elven souls to take control of Qualinesti. Alhana and Porthios vowed to free Qualinesti so their son may rule a united elf nation.

In 28SC Palin Majere, The Master of the Tower, and the Shadow Sorcerer met to discuss finding new magic and helping the Elves. The Shadow Sorcerer described the new form of magic being Primordial powers of Krynn itself. A mage no longer memorizes spells, he just has to master the magic to shape it to his will. With the newly found knowledge of magic Palin, The Master of the Tower, and the Shadow Sorcerer prevent the Qualinesti from being wiped out.

In 29SC Thorbardin once again closed its kingdom to the outside world. Those that disagreed, Severus's Dwarves, moved East to reclaim Thoradin from the Zhakar. Hill Dwarves seek refuge in Abanasinia. In this year an academy of Sorcery founded.

In 30SC Malystryx established the borders of the Dragon realms and declared an end to the Dragon Purge. following the year 29SC Severus's Dwarves defeat the Zhakar. Severus uses Mysticism to end the mold plague. Those Zhakar that don't swear loyalty are banished. Thoradin reborn.

In 31SC until 32SC The Heroes of the Heart challenged the Great Dragons.

In 33SC Malystryx's attempt to ascend to godhood was thwarted. And in this year the Emperor of Ergoth sent his daughter, Mercidith, to study at the Citadel of Light.

34SC ...the present

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