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Races of Krynn

Ogres/Irdas - The Ogres are the race that were created by Takhisis. Originally they were very beautiful, intelligent and powerful. One thing that Ogres lacked is compassion.

In the beginning of Age of Dreams, one Ogre, Igraine, learned compassion from their human slaves. The other Ogres didn't like this, and they called Igraine as an insane heretic and ordered his death. Igraine fled and he and his follower became Irdas. The rest of the Ogres became ugly and cruel, they lost their glory after a huge humans rebellion. On an island between Ansalon and The Dragon Isles the Irda hid. Some would occasionally sojourn across Krynn but for the most part they lived quietly out of the way. The Irdas became a solitary race, even to the point of becoming isolationalist amongst their own kind.

Many years did pass as The Irdas watched the world. They were left alone until the Knights of Takhisis discovered their Island. The Irdas knew that their solitude was at an end, and thus did they use the magical power of an artifact they had captured to keep it from the people of the world who were endangered by it: The Graygem of Gargath. Cracking open the Gem to use its magic to save the Irda, they released a malevolent being, Chaos. He destroyed entirely the Isle of the Irda. No known surviving Irda are known, but it was common for them to leave the isle for a time so perhaps not all were killed.

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