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Races of Krynn

Dwarves - Stouter and shorter than either humans or elves, the dwarves are known for their great beards and their craftsmanship. They live to be about 250 years old. There are two races of dwarves on Krynn. Hill dwarves and mountain dwarves. Their names reflect where they live: hill dwarves live on the hills outside of the underground kingdom of Thorbardin, while mountain dwarves live inside the mountain fortress, Thorbardin.

The two races are mortal enemies, on account of a dispute that dates back to the Dwarfgate wars, when the mountain dwarves refused admittance to the hill dwarves (who then tried to fight their way in). There is a third race of dwarves, known as Gully dwarves, who generally are not recognized by their short brethren. They are amazingly tough as far as bruising goes (they can land on their head and get up a second later with no damage), but aren't very smart. They have trouble paying attention to anything for more than 30 seconds, generally cannot count beyond 2, and grovel and beg when confronted with any sort of adversity.

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