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Fewmaster Toede
by Scott Fowler

Race :
Gender : Male
Class :

Alignment :  Evil
AD&D Stats: Str ; Dex ; Con ; Int ; Wis ; Cha ; Ac ; THAC0 ; hp
Ht "; Wt  lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon:
Special Abilities:

About six months after his first death (yes, you read right, his first death) two demons of the abyss made a bet on wether if he was given another chance, would he be noble. So Toede came back to life and tried to retake control of the city of Flotsam, which he ruled prior to having "The fat boiled from his bones" by a dragon.While he killed the cruel tyrant who had taken over Flotsam after he was dry-gulched, Toede ended up swallowed by the giant frog creature he used to ride like a horse.

The demons who resurrected Toede were not satisfied with thier expieriment, so they brought him back to life again. This time he saved a drowning gnoll (I can't remember why, but I'm sure he had a selfish motivation.) He later encountered some human scholars at a area of stone carvings done by the civilized ancestors of the ogres. he befriended one scholar (then told him slanderous lies about the heroes of the lance) before leaving the humans. The gnoll he had rescued from drowning later confronted him with the rest of her tribe and told Toede that anyone who trespassed on the site of the stone carvings was sentenced to die- including Toede himself. In order to save himself and the humans (Mostly himself) he told the gnolls the humans were powerful wizards who should not be crossed. Toede then returned to the human scholars who later told him the carvings they translated were nothing more than pornographic poems involving pixies.

Toede then somehow found himslef trapped in a tomb that was bulit to contain a demon who was not allowed to return to the abyss until it had killed a thousand people. Toede helped the demon escape promising to find people for it to kill, then sent it against the gnolls who were on thier way to kill the human scholars, before turning it back to flotsam, so Toede could get his revenge on the frog-thing that ate him the last time. Toede confronted the frog thing, and they were both killed by the demon Toede had released, being the last two in the demon's quota. The fiends that resurrected Toede were still not satisfied wether he had been noble or not, so they brought him back again. This time, one of Toede's former lackeys had taken over Flotsam, and was so oppressive he made Toede "Look like the rulers of Silvanesti". Toede then found others to help him retake the city, a tribe of kender (On condition they were allowed to hunt outside Flotsam unmolested), The gnoll tribe (who were promised to be allowed in the Flotsam libraries) the human scholar Toede befriended earlier, and a necromancer who would later betray Toede (Those naughty necromancers, always turning on you.) Finally the fiends who brought back Toede the last two times were found out by thier overseer, a she-demon named Judith. Judith at first wanted to kill Toede and bring him back to the Abyss, but Toede persuaded her he had earned the right to live out his third life. In the end Toede had done noble deeds (Of course, he did some ignoble deeds too, and even the noble ones had a selfish reason behind them) so he had technically become noble.

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