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Tasslehoff Burrfoot

Race : Kender
Gender : Male
Class :
Handler 12th Level
Alignment :  Chaotic Good
AD&D Stats: Str 13; Dex 16; Con 14; Int 9; Wis 12; Cha 11; Ac ; THAC0 ; hp
Residence: Wanders
Ht "; Wt  lb; Mv 6"
Preferred Weapon: Hoopak, Rabbitslayer
Special Abilities:

Tasslehoff was born in Kendermore. His Uncle Trapspringer is a hero among the kender race. Tas claims that most of his skills (such as use of a hoopak, tracking, mapmaking, etc) were taught to him by his Uncle Trapspringer. Tasslehoff, like all kender, is very curious, carefree, and fearless. They're considered the "nuisance" race of Krynn. Not much is known about Tas's childhood except for little bits he brings up from seemingly out of nowhere.

During Tas's Wanderlust, a kender rite of passage, he ended up in Solace during a festival. He stumbled upon the unattended booth of Flint Fireforge, who was selling his wares that day. Tas spotted a shiny copper bracelet in the booth's glass case and somehow it ended up in his possession. Tas was caught red-handed in the act which is how he met Flint and Tanis. Their first adventure was to return that bracelet to the Dargonesti elf princess who commissioned Flint to craft it. It had the power to show its wearer the near future and was vital to the preservation of the Dargonesti race.

Tasslehoff enjoyed traveling with the companions so much that he was always with them (except when he wanderer off for weeks without notice). He was especially close to Flint. Flint, however, thought Tas was an annoyance and was responsible for most of the trouble they found (which was true most of the time). Flint came to like Tas a lot although he rarely showed it.

Tasslehoff once became evil after he, Caramon, and Sturm were captured by minotaurs. A high priest of the minotaurs kept Tas drugged with a special potion that made him evil so that he would reveal information about his friends. It was a minotaur that saved him by giving him a dose of another potion instead of the evil one. Tas had befriended this minotaur, named Dogz, when Tas was captured and imprisoned.

Tas played an valuable role during the War of the Lance. During the Whitestone Council, which led to an alliance between Solamnia, Ergoth, Qualinesti, Silvanesti, and Thorbardin, Tas destroyed a dragon orb to make peace between the elves and knights.

Tasslehoff also had many adventures with the bumbling old wizard Fizban The Fabulous. They became close, personal friends. Fizban later revealed himself to be Paladine, the supreme deity of good.

After the War of the Lance, Tas, along with Caramon and Crysania, went back in time just before the Cataclysm to stop Raistlin from becoming a god. Tas and Caramon were captured and wrongly accused of murder. They were sentenced to fight in the arena games. They all escaped with Raistlin except for Tas, who was left in Fistandantilus's chambers in Istar to die.

Tas didn't die, however. There was a spell on Fistandantilus's chambers which sent Tas to the Abyss. Tas met Takhisis and, in doing so, altered the future. Takhisis now knew everything the future beheld and would stop both Fistandanilus and Raistlin and eventually win the War of the Lance.

After his audience with Takhisis, Tas met a gnome named Gnimsh. Gnimsh had created a time traveling device which he and Tas used to leave the Abyss. They were sent to the time of the Dwarfgate Wars, where Caramon, Raistlin, and Crysania were. He and Gnimsh were captured by the dwarves of Thorbardin and interrogated. He found out about Caramon becoming a general in a rebel army of refugee dwarves called "The Army of Fistandantilus." During the battle that ensued between the dwarves of Thorbardin and The Army of Fistandantilus, Caramon and Tas escaped with the magical time traveling device into the far future, where Raistlin had become a god and laid waste to Krynn.

In this time, he and Caramon saw that every living thing on Krynn was gone. All except for Par-Salian, which Raistlin saved for last. In his vain attempt to rule Krynn, Raistlin became the ruler of a desolate ball of mud. Caramon and Tas traveled back into what they knew as the present and confronted Raistlin. Upon returning, Tas was thrust into the middle of a seige in Palanthas brought by Kitiara's and Lord Soth's armies. He faced undead warriors and dragons without fear.

Tasslehoff is remembered as one of the few kender heroes of Krynn. Tales of his exploits traveled to every corner of the land (mostly told by him).

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