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Raistlin Majere

Race : Human
Gender :
Class :
Wizard - Black Robe Order 20th Level
Alignment : Chaotic Evil
AD&D Stats: Str 10; Dex 16; Con 10; Int 17; Wis 14; Cha 15; Ac ; THAC0 ; hp
Residence: Tower of High Sorcery - Palanthas
Ht ; Wt lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon: Staff of Magius
Special Abilities:
Master of the Past and the Present

The name Raistlin Majere, Master of Past and Present, can instill fear in the hearts of the strongest warriors.

It was a sunny day in June the year of 326 in Solace when a woman named Rosamun gave birth to Raistlin and his twin Caramon Majere. The midwife saw no reason to let Raistlin live because he was sickly and weak. Kitiara their half sister, who was in the middle of her teenage years insisted to make him survive and she proudly called it: her first fight! And from the day Raistlin was born he had an endless mission to stay alive. Kitiara gave him the name Raistlin which was a character in one of her father's stories.

Caramon and Raistlin were different as night and day. Caramon was a muscular warrior, cheerful and loud. Raistlin was a sickly scholar, reserved and cynical. Caramon loved Raistlin dearly and always stood up for him when he was threatened with physical harm. When Raistlin was scared Caramon made him laugh. When he woke up in the middle of the night after nightmare Caramon held him tight and whispered in the cold night: look Raist bunnies!

Raistlin valued his brother's love, but resented having to depend on him for protection. The way he saw it, he and Caramon were two separate people-Caramon the body and Raistlin the mind. They were rarely separated from one another.

One day during ,in an age of eight, when his father took him to the Red Moon festival in Solace, Raistlin wandered away from His twin and half-sister, that enjoyed the rough games. While he wandered around he noticed a traveling illusionist perform. Waylan, a white robe illusionist, performed a slight of hand tricks along with some real but simple magic. He was in awe of the magician's ability to control the crowd by his miraculous feats. That night, Raistlin put on a magic show for his family, mimicking the tricks he had seen earlier perfectly. He found his passion.

Raistlin's father, Gilon, enrolled him in to a mage school (called Poolbottom) south Solace for formal training. When they met with Morath, the schoolmaster, he was very reluctant to take in a boy so young He put Raistlin through a series of tests to see if he was worthy of entering so early. Raistlin astounded the schoolmaster so much with his ability to read and annunciate that he allowed Raistlin to enter the school immediately.

He knew more about himself and his life than it was given to children in that age to know. When Caramon played King of the castle with the other children Raistlin sat in a shadowed place and studied in his spellbook and his scrolls. When girls called out for Caramon Raistlin always ignored their voices. When Caramon trained with the other boys Raistlin always sat studying his books. Even though Caramon was the only person Raistlin loved, he was jalous at him and sometimes he felt more lonely, when Caramon was with him, than if he was alone, but he needed him. No one understood him. Everybody feared him even his master. The other apprentices hated and feared him at the same time. No one called out for Raistlin to join in their games. Girls didn't look at him out of the corner of the eye in the way that girls use to do.

Raistlin proved to be very gifted at magic. He advanced far beyond the other pupils at a far younger age. He was exceptionally gifted at sleight-of-hand tricks which he used to impress others when needed. In time, Raistlin's ability even exceeded that of Morath. As one of his teachers simply put it: "How do you teach someone who knows more than the teacher?"

When Raistlin's mother died he was the only one who sat with her bedside the night she left. He cried and took hold on her hand and said: come home! That night he decided that he would always be his own. No one and nothing should control him any longer. His twin, the 'bugs', his master, the magic nor even the death had an influence on him any longer. He would control and gain power. He would control the four elements of, earth, water, air, and fire. How often had he dreamed about it in his dark childhood.

At the age of 21, Raistlin was invited by the archmage Par-Salian to take the Test of High Sorcery. The Test was a challenge that all potential wizards had to face. It was a process designed to weed out inexperienced and irresponsible people who aspired to learn the ways of magic. The punishment for failure was death. Only in this way could the wizards protect the magic that was so dear to them.

Raistlin and Caramon traveled to the Tower of High Sorcery in the Forest of Wayreth. There, Raistlin faced numerous challenges that are to this day unknown. After a hard fought battle with a dark elf, Raistlin lay weak and dying in a darkened corner of the tower. His brother came to him, lifted him in his muscular arms, and proceeded to carry him away from the tower. Raistlin pleaded with Caramon to leave him, to let him complete his Test or at least to let him die in peace. Caramon refused, simply telling Raistlin "Nothing is worth this." As they walked across the dark room, a shadowy form appeared before them-a wraith. Caramon lay Raistlin on the floor and walked toward the wraith. Raistlin looked up at his brother, expected to see him fight the wraith with sword and shield. Instead, he saw Caramon holding a magical rod in his hand, which he used to cast a lightning bolt on the wraith to destroy it.

"This is impossible," Raistlin's mind told him. "He couldn't have acquired in moments what it took me years of study to attain. This doesn't make sense. Fight the sickness and the weakness and the pain! Think!" But it wasn't the physical pain that clouded Raistlin's mind. It was the old inner pain clawing at him, tearing at him with poisoned talons. Caramon, strong and cheerful, good and kind, open and honest. Everyone's friend. Not like Raistlin--the runt, the Sly One. "All I ever had was my magic," Raistlin's mind shrieked. "And now he has that too!"

Raistlin was furious. He demanded to know where Caramon had learned how to cast the lightning bolt. Caramon coolly replied that he had known it all the time, but had never needed to use it, thanks to his excellent fighting skills. Raistlin released his rage and anger on Caramon in the form of a Burning Hands spell--his twin burst into flames and died within moments. Raistlin slipped into unconsciousness.

He awakened sometime later in one of the tower's many bedrooms to see Par-Salian standing over him. Par-Salian informed Raistlin that he had passed his Test. The final Test was merely an illusion--Par-Salian's personal challenge for Raistlin. His failure did not count against him. Caramon had watched the entire incident.

Raistlin's already frail health was shattered as a result of his Test. His skin and eyes had turned a golden color, and his hair was unnaturally grayed. He was frequently overcome with coughing spasms which threatened to tear his body apart. His pupils were now shaped like hourglasses. As a result, Raistlin saw time as it affected all things-he saw things dying and decaying wherever he looked for the rest of his life. In Raistlin's eyes, it was always winter and always night. Raistlin's abnormal vision was bestowed upon the mage by Par-Salian, in an attempt to instill compassion in Raistlin by showing him his own mortality. His odd skin coloration and coughing spasms, however, were not Par-Salian's doing. During his Test, Raistlin made some sort of a pact with an evil wizard named Fistandantilus, who now threatened to possess the young mage's body.

As a reward for completing the Test, Raistlin was given a powerful magical item to compensate for his wrecked health-the Staff of Magius. Created by the powerful wizard Magius hundreds of years ago, it had been used by many other mages before Raistlin. Its powers were many, only limited by its user's intelligence.

Raistlin wore the red robes of neutrality, sworn to uphold the balance between good and evil in the world. He and Caramon returned to Solace for a reunion with their long-time companions who had split up to make their own separate journeys five years earlier.

Raistlin and his companions would eventually become key figures in the War of the Lance--a fight to keep Takhisis, the Queen of Darkness, from re-entering and enslaving the world of Krynn. Raistlin, Caramon, and their friends became known as the Heroes of the Lance. Near the time when the war ended, Raistlin chose to take the black robes of evil. He had become much more powerful since his Test, and he now aspired to become a god. He traveled back in time and destroyed the great Fistandantilus, the one man who could stop him.

Raistlin's plan was to enter the Abyss and lure Takhisis out into Krynn. There, he plotted to use his magic to destroy her and take her place. Together with a white robed cleric of good named Crysania (who had, strangely enough, fallen in love with him), he journeyed back in time to enter the Abyss and defeat the Queen of Darkness. He destroyed the evil wizard Fistandantilus and used his dark power to aid himself in his evil struggle.

There was only one person on Krynn who could put an end to Raistlin's dark quest - his twin brother. Caramon used a magical time traveling device to travel forward in time. He saw what the world would be like if Raistlin succeeded in destroying Takhisis. The world was dead. There was no life and no gods except for Raistlin - his constellation shone alone in the night sky.

Caramon followed his brother into the Abyss, intent on killing him to keep him from re-entering Krynn. The Queen of Darkness could only enter the world if someone exited through the Portal to the Abyss ahead of her. Caramon's plan was to keep Raistlin from doing that. He told Raistlin about the future he had witnessed- that he would rule over a dead world if he succeeded. Raistlin gave Caramon the Staff of Magius - which was the only way to close the Portal and prevent Takhisis from following him through - and told him to leave the Abyss. Caramon went back through the Portal and closed it with the staff, but Raistlin remained.-Most people in Krynn believed that Raistlin was tortured endlessly by Takhisis, but Caramon insisted that the gods showed mercy on his brother for his sacrifice. This turns out to be true later.

Many years later, Caramon's son Palin, who was a white robed mage of good, entered the Abyss to rescue his uncle Raistlin. He found Raistlin and brought him back to Krynn. Raistlin found that he had no magic upon his re-entry into Krynn - a punishment for his evil attempt to defeat Takhisis years earlier.

Raistlin played a major role in the ensuing Chaos War and the Battle of the Rift. Raislin was forced to leave Krynn with the gods at the end of the Chaos War , the end of Fourth Age.

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