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Otik Sandath

Race : Human
Gender : Male
Class :
Fighter 6rd Level
Alignment : Lawful Neutral
AD&D Stats: Str 15; Dex 12; Con 18; Int 12; Wis 16; Cha 15; Ac 9 (leather apron); THAC0 18; hp 22
Residence: Solace - Inn of the Last Home
Ht 6'1"; Wt 285 lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon: Tap handle (1d4/1d4), dagger
Special Abilities:

Otik was the rotund and jolly inkeeper and owner of the Inn of the Last Home prior to his death shortly following Raistlin's. He was an adventurer in his prime, but he grew tired of living life on the edge--he built the Inn of the Last Home as a reflection of his desire to settle down in comfort for the rest of his life. He was close personal friends with most of the Heroes of the Lance, particularly Tika, who he adopted when she was just a poor, homeless girl. Otik had a reputation for being one of the most cheerful people in Solace, and many were upset when he died. Caramon and Tika inherited the inn after Otik's death.

Otik has also given his name to a fast food dish: Otik's Spiced Potatoes.

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