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Loren Soth

Race : Death Knight
Gender : Male
Class :

Alignment : Chaotic Evil
AD&D Stats: Str 18(99); Dex 14; Con 17; Int 10; Wis 9; Cha 17; Ac 0 (plate mail +3); THAC0 5 (+2/+5); hp 89
Residence: Solamnia
Ht 6'5"; Wt 300 lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon: Two-handed sword +3
Special Abilities: Has magic resistance 75% (if roll is 11% or less, spell reflects onto caster); affects undead as 6th level priest; summons nightmare steed once every 4 years; protects fear 5' radius; Magic: fireball (20d6) once/day, gate twice/day, power word (blind, stun, or kill) once/day, symbol (pain or fear) once/day, wall of ice at will.
Titles: Lord Soth

Lord Soth's real name is Loren Soth. He got the title Lord when he became a Knight of the Rose, and at the same time Lord of Dargaard Keep. He was one of the most famous knights in his time, he did many heroic deeds, and helped many. His uncles were Knights of Solamnia but not his father. His father was still an honorable man.

He knew that he had a half-sister and a half-brother, which were results of his fathers not-so-honorable deeds. He had his nearest assistant and friend, Caradoc, kill them so they could never claim the Lordship of Dargaard Keep. He hated his father because of this, but when he left his father that night, his father said that Loren was too much like him, and that he would not be much better. Loren didn't believe his father.

Loren became Lord of the newly built Dargaard Keep, and he married the beautiful Lady Korinne. He had thirteen knights under his command. He thought his life was perfect, but in time he noticed that Lady Korinne couldn't give him a child. He wasn't happy, and he started to have nightmares about his boy (he didn't have a son, but in his dream he had), blind and shouting for Loren to save him, but Loren got stuck and couldn't help him. He had many dreams like this, but not very often.

One day Lord Soth and six of his knights were on their way to Palanthas for a yearly meeting of knights. But on their way they met a band of ogres attacking elven maidens which were on their way to Palanthas. Lord Soth's knights saved them, and Soth immediately was attracted by an elf, Isolde, who was very beautiful. Her injuries were not serious, but only he knew it, so he said he had to take her to Dargaard Keep to heal her. The other knights continued their journey to Palanthas. When Loren was back in Dargaard Keep, he asked her to stay longer, and she did.

A maid saw Isolde and Loren kissing, and she told it to Korinne. The maid, Mirrel, became Lady Korinne's best friend and her personal maid. Lady Korinne grew jealous and thought that with a child she could win Loren back, so he sent a message to her cousin , who was the Lord of Vingaard Keep, that he should send a message to Lord Soth that said he needed immediate assistance. When Lord Soth left, and Lady Korinne went with Mirrel to a witch who could give her a child. She did it after warning Korinne that the health of the baby depended on Lorens faithfulness. She had a painful pregnancy. Loren spent pretty much time with Isolde. He wasn't faithful to Korinne and when Korinne's long and painful birth came, the baby was very "different". He had two hands on one side of his body and a foot where one of the hands should be. And that wasn't all. Lord Soth killed Korinne and the baby. By this time Isolde was also pregnant with Loren's child. Loren explained that Korinne and the baby had a mortal disease, and they were cremated. Loren married Isolde after the obligatory mourning time of 6 months. The child named Peradur was born soon after that. Many didn't approve the marriage, one of them was Korinne's former personal maid Mirrel and she left the keep and went to Palanthas.

When in Palanthas she told her story to the High Judge of the knights, and they sent a message to Loren that he should come to Palanthas immediately. Loren came, and he was found guilty for murder of Korinne and the child. He was to be executed, but his knights saved him, and took him back to Dargaard Keep. He was allowed to live if he never left his land.

He was very sad and depressed a long time after that. One night Isolde got a message from the goddess Mishakal, that Loren could make up for his deeds if he killed the Kingpriest. The Kingpriest was a man with very much power, and he wanted to be a god, in fact he demanded the gods to let him be a god. Loren knew he would die in his quest, but he would die with honor, so he left. He was halfway to Istar with three of his most trusted knights when they met three elf maidens. They told him that Isolde had fooled him, and had sent him to sure death so he could continue her affairs with everyone else in the Keep. He believed them and went back. He noticed he was wrong. A mountain of fire struck Istar because of him, and for punishment he and his knights got eternal life, or more accurately death. Lord Soth became a Death Knight, one of the most feared "monsters" on Krynn.

He is doomed to live in pain and misery forever, and his or his knights' souls will never rest.

In the War of the Lance, Soth struck a deal with the Highlord Kitiara. He would help her and she promised to deliver Laurana's soul to him in order to make his existence easier. When Kit died before she was able to complete her part of the deal, Soth took her soul as payment. He has not been seen since.

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