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Flint Fireforge

Race : Neidar Dwarf
Gender : Male
Class :
Fighter 7th Level
Alignment : Neutral Good
AD&D Stats: Str 16; Dex 10; Con 18; Int 7; Wis 12; Cha 13; Ac ; THAC0 ; hp
Residence: Solace
Ht ; Wt  lb; Mv 6"
Preferred Weapon: Battle axe

Flint Fireforge was born in AC 212 in Hillhome. He's a relative of the reknown Reghar Fireforge from the time of the Dwarfgate Wars. Not much about Flint's youth is known. Like most dwarves, he's very stubborn about revealing much about himself. One day, when Tanis was lovesick over Kitiara, Flint revealed that he was arranged to be married to a young lady dwarf named Lolly Ockenfels. He and Lolly had met privately and talked about their disinterest in this arrangement. The wedding was called off; however, Flint revealed that after getting to know Lolly, he kind of liked her. That was as much as he'd say.

In early spring, AC 288, Flint was summoned to Qualinesti by the Speaker of the Suns. The Speaker, Solostaran, had heard of Flint's skill at crafts and invited him to stay in Qualinesti to do commissioned work. Like most dwarves, Flint was an excellent craftsman. He crafted weaponry, clothing, jewelry, ornamental pieces, and toys which he sold to locals and at festivals. For a dwarf, or any other race for that matter, to be invited to Qualinesti to live, was truly a unique honor.

It was here that Flint befriended Tanis Half-Elven. Tanis was only 30 years old (a teenager by human standards) and had no friends other than the dwarf. After many years in Qualinesti, Flint and Tanis left and settled in Solace.

Solace is a city built almost entirely in the treetops of the great vallenwood trees. Flint, believing a dwarfs place is on solid ground, lived in one of the few houses on land. He rarely ventured up into the treetops unless it was to visit Tanis or the Inn of the Last Home.

Flint met up with Tasslehoff when Tas "found" a magic bracelet that Flint made for a Dargonesti princess. He also met Sturm, Caramon, Raistlin, and Kitiara in Solace. Flint looked after Sturm and the twins after their parents died. He never really trusted Kitiara and Raistlin, however.

Flint was allergic to horses (so he claimed) which is why he always rode a mule. Fleetfoot, his brave steed, was a good friend who actually saved Flint's life a few times.

Flint had a terrible phobia of boats. One day, Tasslehoff and Flint arranged a trip to Crystalmir Lake. Flint taught Caramon and Sturm some tracking and hunting skills while Raistlin and Tas rummaged for herbs. The next morning, Tas "found" a boat and convinced everyone to take a ride across the lake. Caramon saw an eel and tried to catch it by hand, but capsized the boat instead. Flint dove in to rescue Caramon, since Caramon couldn't swim. When Flint and Caramon didn't come up, Sturm and Tas dove in for them and rescued them. Since then, Flint refused to get on a boat unless he had no choice or was forced.

Flint met his end in Godshome in the Khalist Mountains during the War of the Lance. While running, his old heart failed him. He was a valuable asset to the companions and is remembered as a hero.

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