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Eben Shatterstone

Race : Human
Gender : Male
Class :
Alignment :
AD&D Stats: Str ; Dex ; Con ; Int ; Wis ; Cha ; Ac ; THAC0 ; hp
Ht ; Wt  lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon:

Eben was a brash, arrogant fighter who considered himself quite the ladies' man. He was born into wealth, but his parents eventually went bankrupt due to taxation and bad management. Eben received an excellent education and turned out to be a fine young man, but his pride was his biggest flaw. He joined the companions on their assault on Pax Tharkas. Eben was sent by Verminaard to infiltrate the companions and retrieve the blue crystal staff. Eben was killed by the defense mechanism of Pax Tharkas, and was crushed under tons of rocks.

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