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Chen'tal Pyrnee

Race : Ogress
Gender : Female
Class :
Alignment : Chaotic Evil
AD&D Stats:
Ht ; Wt lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon:
Titles: Oracle

Chen'tal Pyrnee was an incredibly ugly ogress. It would have been impossible to guess her age or weight. Swaddled in loose clothing and numerous scarves of various, mismatched, faded colors, she was as bulky as bear.

Her face was mottled with warts and bump. Her nose and chin sprouted long, curling hairs. Her mouth showed missing and blackened teeth. Stringy, corn-colored hair fell beneath a plaited cap. The hideous effect was topped off by the hooded eye, which looked to be the result of accident or disease. The nauseous odor emanated more from her than from the contents of the mist-shrouded caldron.

She lives in a cave which is half a day walk away from Solace. She had the key to a portal that could transport the companions to Ogrebond at the edge of the Blood Sea. She gave the key ( Amulet of Darkness ) to Raistlin. In exchange, they gave a magical bottle.

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