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Bakaris (Blue Dragon Lieutenat)

Race : Human
Gender : Male
Class :
Fighter 11th Level
Alignment : Chaotic Evil
AD&D Stats: Str 16; Dex 12; Con 15; Int 10; Wis 14; Cha 13 Ac 1 (plate mail +2) THAC0 10 (+1 dmg) hp 58
Residence: Estwilde
Ht 6'; Wt 187 lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon: Two-handed sword +2 life-stealer,poison daggers

Bakaris was the quick tempered lieutenant of the Blue Dragonarmy during the War of the Lance, and Kitiara's right-hand man. He held more respect for her than for the rest of the dragonarmy, and saw her as his ticket to power. Bakaris was Kitiara’s second in-command. He was an often unstable man who fought like a berserker in battle and was quick to anger, reacting violently to mostly any situation he considered unfavorable. Bakaris was also notorious for his "love" of women, ever since he killed the son of a nobleman in a fight over a woman. His cocky and lustful nature led to his death when he assaulted Laurana during the War of the Lance.

Bakaris was killed by Tasslehoff's dagger (of use only against vicious rabbits).

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