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Astinus of Palanthas

Race : Human
Gender : Male
Class :
Alignment : Neutral
AD&D Stats: Str 12; Dex 17; Con 15; Int 21; Wis 19; Cha 17 Ac 10 THAC0 2 hp 980
Residence: Palanthas
Ht 5'7"; Wt 155 lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon: None carried
Special Abilities: Has knowledge of most things present and past
Special Items: The Iconochronos, the great book of Astinus

Astinus appeared in Krynn during the Age of Dreams, apparently sent by the gods to record the ongoing history of the world. He is ageless and deathless, and his cold, uncaring mood leads many to misinterpret his actions - Astinus never reveals information that may affect the future, for better or for worse. He sees all that happens on Krynn, knows all. Some speculate that Astinus is the avatar of Gilean, the god of neutrality. This may indeed be true, for Astinus vanished along with his historical scrolls on the same night that the gods left Krynn.

Who is the mysterious scholar Astinus of Palanthus? An uninformed rumour claims even that Astinus is one of the gods (maybe Zivilyn, god of all wisdom or Gilean, god of all knowledge.)

Here’s the tale: Gilean had a daughter and two sons. The daughter being Lunitari and the two sons being Astinus and Sebastius. Both are immortal and both chronicle krynn. Astinus chronicles it through books...and has a similar appearance and personality as his where Sebastius chronicles it through travelling shows.

An Excerpt:
"On the last, perfect day," Astinus said, his voice shaking, "the three gods will come together: Paladine in his Radiance, Queen Takhisis in her Darkness, and lastly Gilean, Lord of Neutrality. In their hands, each bears the Key of Knowledge. They will place these keys upon the great Altar, and upon the Altar will also be placed my books - the story of every being who has lived upon Krynn throughout time! And then, at last, the world will be complete -"

Astinus stopped, appalled, realizing what he had said, what he had done.

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