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Race : Human
Gender : Male
Class :
Priest 23rd / Fighter 10th Level
Alignment : Evil
AD&D Stats: Str 15; Dex 12; Con 11; Int 13; Wis 18; Cha 15 Ac -1 (plate +4) THAC0 7 hp 88
Residence: Sanction
Ht 5'11"; Wt 197 lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon: Mace +3
Titles: Emperor, Highlord of the Red Dragonarmy

Ariakus, calling himself the Emperor of Ansalon, was one of the most powerful humans to have ever lived. He was a greedy, ambitious, arrogant man. This may have helped in his death because he believed that he could not be harmed and never expected a sword from Tanis, with the help of Raistlin, to pierce his evil heart.

At a young age, his father, a high-ranking cleric of Takhisis, killed his mother. Although Ariakus feigned respect to his father for many years after, he secretly vowed to avenge her by killing his father. At an opportune time, he killed his father and took revenge. He later became interested in sorcery, but found that his heart was truly drawn to war. Takhisis, in finding that Ariakus's father had been killed by Ariakus himself, did not take revenge but noticed that she had gained an even more valuable servant. She soon chose Ariakas as her most trusted mortal servant.

Ariakus was the leader of the Red Wing during the War of the Lance. He was the brain behind the Dragonarmy's strategies, and was considered the leader of the whole campaign and fittingly called himself The Emperor of Ansalon.

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