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Alhana Starbreeze

Race : Elf
Gender : Female
Class :
Level: 7
Alignment :
Lawful Good
AD&D Stats: Str 9; Dex 13; Con 10; Int 16; Wis 15; Cha 15 Ac 2 (plate +3, shield +1) THAC0 14 hp 32
Residence: Silvanesti
Ht 5'4"; Wt 107 lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon: Long sword +3, short bow +2
Special Abilities: Infravision, 90% resist sleep/charm

Alhana is the daughter of Lorac Caladon, the Speaker of the Stars in Silvanesti, and is the Silvanesti princess. Alhana Starbreeze met the companions in Tarsis and helped them to restore peace to her elven kingdom during the War of the Lance, and she took an exceptional liking to Sturm Brightblade - she gave him the magical Starjewel, a sign of everlasting love between two people. Alahanaís starjewel rests on Sturmís breast in his tomb. Several years after the War of the Lance ended, she married Porthios of the Qualinesti in an effort to unite the two elven kingdoms. Alhana and Porthios, along with Tanis and Laurana's son Gilthas, became involved in a large political scandal in Qualinesti against their will. Alhana and Porthios were exiled from the elven kingdom, but she does what she can to help her people fight against the green dragon Beryl.

She was once considered the most beautiful of all elves, but a few years before the Chaos War fell into disgrace with her husband Porthios as a dark elf, the victim of plot hatched by conservative elven senator and general. After the Chaos War and the great magical shield having been erected over her homeland of Silvanesti, she continued the good fight by trying to break through.

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