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Vingaard Keep was the home of the Knights of Solamnia for many centuries, stretching back to the Third Dragon War when Huma walked the land. Vingaard Keep remained the stronghold of Solamnic power until after the war, but strangely little has been heard of the Keep since then. The city of Vingaard was occupied by the Dragonarmies during the War of the Lance, thousands of years later, and many ruins were uncovered by the occupying forces. These ruins have yet to be explored.

Vingaard, as a province, was the first to rebel against the ancient Ergothian Empire in the times of Vinas Solamnus. When coming to the place, Solamnus joined the rebles and fought for the independance of it and many other rebelling states. When he finally threw off the Ergothian rule, he constructed Vingaard Keep as the Headquarters of his Knights of Solamnia.

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