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Solamnia is the heart of the continent of Ansalon. It covers just under half of the land mass of Ansalon - 500 miles worth. Solamnia has just about every geographical feature: fertile plains, three mountain ranges (the Vingaard, Dargaard and Garnet), the longest river (the Vingaard), and the most important city, Palanthas (also known as Palanthus).

From Coastlund in the west, across Gaardlund, Nightlund, Hinterlund and further east to the Estwilde, live a variety of people - mostly humans, but small bands of ogres and draconians are far too common. Originally located in the center of the Ansalonian continent, Solamnia is now very much a sea-going state because the Cataclysm dumped three oceans around its borders.

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Moonrise over Palanthas

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