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Sanction was once a human town, but the humans there have been displaced by the Blue Dragonarmy. Sanction is a port town, surrounded by volcanic mountains, the most notable are the Lords of Doom: three volcanoes who spew forth lava, which has destroyed parts of the city.

Here lies the primary Temple of Takhisis, where the Good Dragon eggs were contaminated, creating the draconians. This is also the place of initiation into the Dark Queen's priesthood for Highlord Ariakas.

In the 5th Age, Sanction has finally been taken over by the Knights of Solamnia. A few years into the 5th Age, a powerful magic-user called Hogan Bight finally got rid of all the toxins in the air and helped the city in other ways. After becoming the leader of the port city, he gave over protection of it to the Knights of Solomnia instead of the Knights of Takisis.

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