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The city of Palanthas was once considered to be the center of all learning. The city is divided into two parts: Old City, the building contained within the spokes of the protective wall, and New City, the buildings added when Palanthas grew out of its walled enclosure. A port city built on the Bay of Branchala, Palanthas contains one of the two remaining Towers of High Sorcery, this one protected by the Shoikan Grove, as well as the Great Library of Astinus.

Palanthas was the only city that was truly spared by the first Cataclysm. many refugees from the rest of Ansalon came to the circular city in an effort to find answers and a better life. Following the War of the Lance, the Temple of Paladine was erected in Palanthas, and it became the center of worship for the gods of good. The Blue Lady's war brought the first real threat to Palanthas in over three centuries: remaining draconian troops and chromatic dragons under her command attacked and destroyed much of the ancient city.

In the first year after the Second Cataclysm, the contents of Astinus's library have disappeared and the Tower of High Sorcery has been destroyed.

Palanthas is situated at the entrance to a northern bay, making it Solamnia's most important port. Guarding the only overland passage to the city, through the mountains, the High Clerist's Tower blocks any access to the city. It was said that the Tower would never fall as long as men of faith defended it. Sadly, the Solamnic defenders never faced men of faith in the field, and the Tower fell to the Knights of Takhisis during the Summer of Chaos.

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Moonrise over Palanthas

Moonrise over Palanthas is a Dragonlance browser game which takes place in the fabled city of Palanthas. The game is currently in alpha state.

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