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This land, south of the Plains of Dust, is notable only for one thing: Icewall Glacier. The chill winds and harsh climate prevent much of any sort of civilization. The only creatures truly comfortable with the conditions here are the white dragons—in fact this is where the remnants of the White Dragonarmy regrouped after the War of the Lance.

Icewall Glacier begins just south of the town of Zeriak, last outpost of the Plains of Dust. Many have wondered if Icereach is really a continent in and of itself—land lies beneath the snow and ice just south of Zeriak, but when the thickness of the ice increases to depths of up more than a mile further south, things become more complicated. Some ice barbarians have ventured into the caves and crevasses of the southern reaches of Icereach, but report that the caves seem to continue downward forever. Some have not returned at all.

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Last Modified: Thursday April 09, 2009

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