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Goodlund and Balifor

Balifor has two major cities: Port Balifor and Flotsam. The latter name is appropriate not just for the city, but for the entire region as well: Port Balifor (and Flotsam, for that matter) is composed mainly of rowdy taverns and unsavory inhabitants. The most remarkable thing about these cities, aside from the filth, is the easy availability of items on the black market and the crime which takes place beneath the wharves of Port Balifor.

Port Balifor is north of Silvanesti, situated on the eastern shores of the Bay of Balifor, and separated by a straight which leads to the Bay. The city is bordered on its eastern edges by sandy wasteland, the same sort that its western neighbor, Khur, shares. Flotsam is located to the north, and sits on the Blood Bay, which is just off the Blood Sea of Istar.

The Goodlund peninsula, on the other hand, is inhabited mostly by kender; this region may also be know by the name of Kendermore. Goodlund lies to the east of Balifor, though the deserts of the western nation are encroaching on the western plains of Goodlund. Further east, the forests of Goodlund cover the middle portion of the peninsula. The eastern most edge of the peninsula is a barren savannah, known as the "Laughing Land."

Following the Second Cataclysm, the peninsula of Goodlund was attacked by the great dragon Malystyrx. The kender, led by Riverwind, Hero of the Lance, mounted an attack against the dragon and were defeated. The kender have since fled the region, which has become known as the Desolation.

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