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Plains of Dust

The Plains of Dust lie to the south and east of the Kharolis Mountains and the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin. In pre-Cataclysm times, the largest city in the region, Tarsis, was once a bustling port. It was famed for its library, schools, marketplace and temple. However, with the advent of the Cataclysm, the famous winged ships of Tarsis found themselves landlocked, many miles from Ice Mountain Bay. The plains surrounding Tarsis, which were once grassy tundra, have died.

Winds blow across the now desolate plains, threatening any sort of life which is foolish enough to venture upon them. Little was known about the Plains until after the War of the Lance, when the Companions traveled to Tarsis. At the same time, the Red Dragonarmy attacked and destroyed the city.

The Lord of Tarsis wishes to build a road from Tarsis to the sea, in order to revitalize trade in the region. Tarsis is also connected to the Southgate of Thorbardin, which has resulted in a profitable trade.

As it did after the Cataclysm, both Tarsis and the Plains of Dust have faded in importance, as they do not impact events up Ansalon in any significant way.

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