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Dragon Isles

The Dragons Isles lie eighty miles to the north of the Cape of Nordmaar. Little is known about these islands—they are all but impossible to reach as they are magically protected.

From east to west, the names of the islands are: Alarm, Mind, Misty Isle, Jaentarth, Heart, Berann, Winged Majesty and Tayol. All the islands average, at most, ten miles in diameter but reflect almost ever type of terrain imaginable.

The islands are located in the center of the topics—the center of Krynn. The Irda inhabit at least one of the islands; the good dragons inhabit the City of Gold, capital of Misty Isle, though little is known of them. However, after the destruction of the Irda prior to the second Cataclysm, and following the Summer and War of Chaos, little is known about the fate of the islands.

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