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Blood Sea of Istar

Little is known about the Blood Sea of Istar. Perhaps the best place to begin is before the Cataclysm. Istar was a bustling seaport, the center of religious worship in the world. At the mouth of a river, Istar was the center of trade which serviced the plains surrounding it for hundreds of miles to the south and west.

When the gods threw the firey mountain down upon Krynn, it descended directly upon the Temple of the Kingpriest in the center of the city. As a result of the impact, the city and the surrounding lands fell several hundred feet, forming the bottom of the ocean as water from the Sirrion sea covered the grassy plains.

All the water within the Blood Sea has a strange and distinct coloróred. Hence the name the Blood Sea. Rumor has it that the color is the result of the blood of many victims who lost their lives during Krynn's most terrible hour.

Sailing along the shores of the sea is as safe as sailing anywhere else on Krynn, but mariners avoid the maelstrom in the center of the sea, where the lost city of Istar is located. The huge whirlpool at the center of the great storm draws all foolish enough to get caught into its current to their doom. In reality, the red color comes from the constant motion of the water disrupting the still-fertile soil of the plains below the waves.

The city of Istar still exists beneath the waves. Sea elves save mariners who are unfortunate enough to sail into the maelstrom. Pockets of air and plenty of stored food allow those who survive the waters a second chance at life below the waves.

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