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The plains of Abanasinia found themselves near the shores of the New Sea, created after the Fiery Mountain struck Krynn. Perhaps the most relaxed region of Ansalon, the plains are home to numerous tribes of plains barbarians, as well as the cities of Solace, Haven, Gateway and at least one hill dwarf community.

Though many of the villages and towns were destroyed in the War of the Lance, and again following the second Cataclysm, the inhabitants continue to rebuild their homes. The tree town of Solace is perhaps the most significant village in Abanasinia, for here the legendary Majere family lives among the mighty vallenwood trees. Here also is the Inn of the Last Home, the most famous inn of any sort on Ansalon.

North of Solace are the shores of Crystalmir Lake, and southwest of the lake are the boughs of Darken Wood, where the living dare not enter. Its borders are protected by a legion of undead soldier, and the wood is governed by the mysterious Forestmaster.

To the east lie the grassy plains, home of the barbarian tribes. If one ventures eastward further, the plains gradually become a huge swamp, which houses the ruins of Xak Tsaroth.

Abanasinia is perhaps the most sheltered of the many regions of Ansalon: with Thorbardin, the Kharolis Mountains and the Neidar (hill dwarf) communities to its south, the swamps of Xak Tsaroth, the Eastwall Mountains and New Sea to the east, the Straits of Schallsea to the north and Qualinesti to the west, Abanasinia is well protected.

North east of Abanasinia, there is an island called Schallsea. In this island, in 7SC, Goldmoon, one of the last Heroes of the Lance, aided by a mysterious sage, found the knowledge of Mysticism, healing magic from the heart. In the next year, she and Jasper Fireforge found a School to teach this healing arts on the isle of Schallsea, at the site of the Silver Stairs. This Mysticism school is named the Citadel of Light.

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