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This artifact was forged in Silvanesti during the Second Dragon War, and became the weapon of Kith-Kanan, founder of Qualinesti. It is a +3 greatsword that grants a +5 enhancement bonus when fighting dragons and draconians, and inflicts +2d6 damage against these foes. Wyrmslayer does not become stuck in the petrified corpse of a baaz draconian, and it grants a +3 sacred bonus to saves against a dragons breath weapons and spells.

Wyrmslayer has the disconcerting tendency to buzz aggressively whenever it is brought within fifteen feet of a dragon; this buzzing is loud enough to be heard clearly and always wakes a sleeping dragon.

This enchanted two-handed sword was accidentally discovered by Tanis Half-Elven in the Sla-Mori during a battle with a giant slug. Tanis claims that the sword was given to him by the corpse of the great Qualinesti ruler Kith-Kanan. Although it was temporarily lost when the dragon highlords attacked Tarsis, it was later returned to Tanis on his wedding to Laurana.

Caster Level: 20th; Weight: 16 lb.

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