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Device of Time Journeying

Made during the Age of Dreams, this device was given to Caramon by Par-Salian, then head of the Wizards of High Sorcery, and eventually became the possession of Tasslehoff Burrfoot. Normally appearing to be a jewel-encrusted pendant, the device must be manipulated and unfolded to become a scepter to be activated. The device was designed to be used by the three original races of Krynn - the elves, ogres, and humans, but its properties were changed somewhat after being modified by the mad gnome Gnimsh.

If lost, stolen, or taken by coercion, the Device of Time Journeying maes its way back to it owner by magical means. No force exists that can keep this artifact from finding its owner.

The Device of Time Journeying can be used to transport all characters ithin 10 feet to a random location in the time period chosen by the user, or to a specific location chosen by the user, during a random time period. (This random nature of the artifact is entirely under the DM's control). To activate this power, a character must concentrate on the desired destination whilst manipılating the device and speaking the following verses:

Thy time is thy own, (turn the face towards you)
Though across it you travel. (move the face plate from right to left)
Its expanses you see, (the back plate drops to form a rod and two spheres)
Whirling across forever. (twist the top clockwise - a chain will drop down)
Obstruct not its flow. (ensure that the chain is clear of the mechanism)
Grasp firmly the end and the beginning, (hold the device by each sphere)
Turn them upon themselves. (rotate the spheres forward)
All that is loose shall be secure. (the chain winds into the body)
Destiny be over your own head. (hold the sceptre over your head, clearly visualise destination)

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