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Crown of Tides

This artifact is believed to have come to the shoal elves during the Age of Dreams. Made of brilliant blue coral, the crown is woven through with dozens of delicate pearls of various hues. The Speaker of the Sea wears the crown during affairs of state in Dimernesti. At all other ties it remains ensconced in the Tower of the Sea in Dimernost.

A character wearing the Crown of Tides gains a +20 circumstance bonus to Swim skill checks, as he is able to control the water around around him. Spells cast by the crown's wearer can be affected as though the caster prepared them with either the Empower Spell or Heighten Spell feats, and the wearer is immune to mind-influencing effects. Additionally, the wearer can use the following spell-like powers as a standard action (affecting marine life only):

- Control Water
- Plant Growth
- Speak with Animals
- Speak with Plants

By concentrating for one full round, the wearer can control currents (as the 5th level druid spell control winds; this only works underwater).

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