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Plate of Solamnus

These ancient suits of armour were designed for specific knights during the Age of Dreams, and the deeds of their owners are legendary. The Plate of Solamnus consists of breastplate, shoulder guards, arm fittings, leggings, and helm, all beautifully tooled with the markigs of the three Solamnic Orders. Huma Dragonbane and Vinas Solamnus both possessed such armour.

Plate of Solamnus is masterwork full plate, providing a +8 bonus to AC, with a maximum Dex bonus of +1 and an armour check penalty of -5. If the wearer is of scrupulously good alignment, for every act of charity, honour, or selflessness the armour gains a +1 enhancement bonus to AC (up to a maximum of +5); however, this bonus can decrease or even become a penalty if the wearer's heart is not pure. For every act of dishonour, selfishness, or evil the armour gains a -1 enhancement penalty to AC. These penalties remove enhancement bonuses, and can actually worsen the armour's standart AC bonus by up to -5). The maximum bonus (or penalty) that the armour can have is +5 (or -5).

When worn by a good-aligned nonplayer character, Plate of Solamnus will possess an enhancement bonus equal to 5 - 1d10 (or 1d4 for paladins and Solamnic knights).

If worn by a neutral or evil character, the Plate of Solamnus bestows three negative levels on the character. The negative level remains as long as the armour is worn and disappears when it is removed. The negative level never results in actual level loss, but in cannot be overcome in any way (including restoration spells) while the armour is worn.

Caster Level: 15th; Market Price 26,650 stl.

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