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The history of this weapon is unknown, although it appears to be an ordinary longsword of Silvanesti make. Also known as Darkstar, Magefool, or Spellcleaver, this +1 longsword becomes a +2 longsword when fighting constructs, magical beasts, outsiders and arcane magic users, and inflicts an additional 1d6 points of damage against these foes. Furthermore, Mantooth can be used to sunder magical barriers. Each time the sword strikes such a barrier, there is a chance that it will be destroyed equal to 1% per point of damage inflicted (cumulative with each strike).

Mantooth's greatest power allows a powerful warrior to turn an opponent's spell against him. If the character has prepared an action to turn an opponent's spell, he can attempt to "strike" the spell as it is cast with an attack roll (AC equal to that of the spell's save DC). This attack roll does not benefit from any bonus that the character might normally enjoy (such as Strength bonus, Weapon Focus feat, or size bonus). If the attack is successful, the spell affects the caster as though you were protected by the spell turning spell.

Caster Level: 20th; Weight: 4 lb.

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