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Staff of Magius

Used by: Wizards; Magius, Raistlin Majere, Palin Majere

The Staff of Magius is a smooth wooden staff tipped with a bronze dragon's claw that grasps a crystal globe. It is a revered artifact of the Wizards of High Sorcery not due to its powers, but in honour of the wizard who once used it - Magius, the legendary ally of Huma. Legend say the wizard Magius aided Huma in his quest to drive dragons from the face of Krynn. Magius's staff of legend still bears the wizard's spirit and lends it to save the world Magius loved. Many mages of renown have used this staff and added to its powers. Its powers are limited only by its user.

Over the years it was presented to Raistlin after his crippling completion of the Test in Wayreth, and later presented to Palin (much to the shock of the dark elf Dalamar) after he completed his Test in the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas.

Powers: The staff improves the wearer's AC by -3, and grants a +3 bonus to all saving throws. It strikes with a +2 to hit, inflicting 1d8 points of damage. It can create continual light, 60' once per day. And owner can cast feather fall spell with the comman word pvethr-fall. The light eminates from the crystal on the staff with the command word "shirak" and extinguishes by the command word "dulak".

Secret Powers:

- Continual Light*
- Feather Fall*
- Darkness, 75' Radius*
- Detect Magic*
- Enlarge*
- Hold Portal*
- Strike at Double Damage*
- Protection vs Evil/Good*
- Jump**
- Entangle**
- Knock**
- Leviate**
- Gust of Wind**
- Magic Missiles (x3)**
- Spider Climb**
- Telekinesis (25 ft.)**
- Dispel Magic***
- Feign Death ***
- Fire Shield***
- Lightning Bolt (6d6)***
- Invisibility***
- Locate Object***
- Paralyze ***
- Summon Swarm***


- Dispel Magic
- Distract

* Cost 1 charge.
** Cost 2 charges.
*** Cost 4 charges.

The staff recharges its powers in the light of Solinari. The staff cannot hold more than 20 charges.

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