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Heart of Irda

The Heart of Irda is an obscure artifact of ancient times, mentioned only in forgotten tomes of the Irda themselves. It was shaped by an Irda sorcerer named Daganeer to aid Igraine's folk in their flight from the vengeful ogres; Darganeer perished in the flight and was put to rest in a living tomb located somewhere in Ansalon's primeval eastern forest.

The Heart of Irda is a fist-sized ruby on platinum chain, polished and shaped into a heart. It glows faintly at all times.

Calling upon the Heart's power is difficult and strenuous. A divine spellcaster can use the Heart to cast a cure serious wounds spell up to three times per day, although she must succeed in a Wisdom check (DC 15) each time she does this. Similarly, an arcane spellcaster can use the Heart to cast animate objects three times per day, requiring a successful Intelligence check (DC 15) to do so.

A character with both arcane and divine spells can use the Heart of Irda to cast polymorph any object once per day, transforming living or unliving matter as she wills. This requires either an Intelligence or Wisdom check against DC 20.

The Heart holds other secrets and powers of the Irda beyond those above, which can only be discovered through hints from prophecy or lost Irda lore. It may be the key to shielding mortals from life-draining effects, or even reversing the degeneracy of the ogre race, returning them to their original, graceful forms.

Caster Level: 20th; Weight: 2 lb.

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