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Sword of Huma

This +2 longsword is a bane to all dragons. Should it strike such a creature, the dragon must make Fortitude save (DC 23) or immediately die. This is a death effect. In addition, a character holding the Sword of Huma can use the blade to cast a heal spell once per day as a standard action.

The Sword of Huma is kept within the shrine of Huma's Tomb in Foghavn Vale. Should the Sword of Huma be removed from Huma's Tomb, a curse is laid upon the thief as well as any character who wields the weapon. The curse inflicts a -1 sacred penalty to attack rolls and saving throws until the character receives an atonement spell or uses the sword to strike an evil dragon.

Caster Level: 16th; Weight: 4 lb.

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