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Book of Habbakuk

The book of Habbakuk is a large tome with an unmarked plain leather binding. It is protected from those who are not pure of heart with a flamestrike spell that targets any non-good character who touches the book; the book itself is unable to be burned or scorched by any flame. Thoroughly reading the book requires a week of study; the first time that a character does so, he gains experience points sufficient to place him halfway into the next level of experience. However, if the character is not already a cleric, this experience must be used to become a multiclassed cleric of Habbakuk or it is lost.

This illuminated tome is an ancient work of the Age of Might. The Knights of the Crown once owned a book of Habbakuk, and kept it safe within the High Clerist's Tower; it was forgotten after the Cataclysm and has been lost.

Caster Level: 19th; Weight: 5 lb.

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