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Helm of Grallen

This dwarven helm is of old-fashioned make and is set with twelve large gemstones. If the wearer of the helm is killed, his spirit is immediately captured by one of the twelve gems. This spirit is able to possess any character who places the helm on his head as though using a magic jar spell. Furthermore, any character who wears the helm of Grallen can turn undead as though he were a 12th-level cleric.

Grallen was son of the Hylar Thane Derkin, and was killed by Fistandantilus' army during the Dwarfgate War. The Helm of Grallen was returned to the dwarven hero's tomb during the War of the Lance, and disappeared. It is unknown whether this artifact will return to the world of Krynn.

Caster Level: 18th; Weight: 3 lb.

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