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Silver Arm of Ergoth

The Silver Arm of Ergoth was created during the Age of Dreams by an alliance of good dragons, humans, elves, and dwarves. In order to function, the Silver Arm of Ergoth must be placed against the right shoulder of a human whose right arm has been severed. If the character has a Strebgth of 17+ and is good alignment, the arm grafts to his shoulder, and thereafter acts as a normal arm for all common activity.

The wearer of the Silver Arm of Ergoth heals 1 point of damage per level every hour rather than every day (this canot be raised with the heal skill). Subdual damage heals at a rate of 1 point of damage per level every five minutes. If the wearer loses a limb, an organ, or any other body part after the Silver Arm of Ergoth is grafted to his body, he regenerates it like the spell.

If the owner of the Silver Arm of Ergoth possesses the Craft (weaponsmithing) skill, he gains use of the Craft Arms and Armour feat, and is able to forge silvery dragon-metal into Dragonlances of superior quality. Only with the Hammer of Kharas, the Silver Arm of Ergoth, and pure dragon-metal can perfect Dragonlances be forged. The Silver Arm was given to the blacksmith Theros Ironfeld after the burning of Solace. It should be noted that Theros Ironfeld was a blacksmith of such high caliber that he was able to create the dragonlances with only the help of the Silver Arm and not the Hammer of Kharas.

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