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Dragon Orbs (Orbs of Dragonkind)

These fragile, etched crystal gloes contain the essences of evil dragons and are artifacts of vast and dangerous power. A Dragon Orb can shrink to be only ten inches in diameter, but when the command words carved into its surface are spoken, the Dragon Orb expands to a diameter of twenty inches. The Dragon Orbs were created during the Second Dragon War by all three Orders of High Sorcery; powerful arcane spellcasters can use them to summon evil dragons to be destroyed with powerful spels. Five dragon orbs were created during the Age of Dreams, none remain; Two were destroyed during the Lost Wars. One was broken by the Kender Tasselhoff Burrfoot at the Council of Whitestone, another at the High Clerist Tower, and the final was lost when Raistlin entered the Abyss from Skullcap.

Dragon Orbs are intelligent artifacts, and are always of evil alignment. They have Intelligence 20, Wisdom 18, Charisma 18, and an Ego of 26. A Dragon Orb can communicate telepathically, although it rarely needs to do so.

A character attempting to use a Dragon Orb must gaze into it and speak the command words. The Dragon Orb always resists this control with a heightened charm ( treat this as a 6th-level spell cast by an 11th-level sorcerer ); the character receives a Will save (DC 19) to negate this effect, rolled secretly by the DM.

If the character fails this save, he falls under the control of the dragon spirit within the orb. The spirit will steer the character to further the cause of evil, doing so subtly so that the character's companions suspect nothing until a critical point is reached. This charm ends only if dispelled or if someone else seizes control of the orb.

If the character succeeds in the Will save, he learns all of the powers of the dragon orb, and any evil dragon within 1d4 x 10 miles hasten to the orb's location. When they arrive, these dragons immediately attack any non-allied creatures they find near the orb. If the DM does not know whether there are any evil dragons in range, an evil dragon of randomly determined age and color arrives 30% of the time.

Using the Dragon Orb's secondary powers requires the character to resist the orb's charm, and risks summoning nearby evil dragons to the orb's location. The secondary powers of a Dragon Orb include (but not limited to):

- Cure Serious Wounds 3/day
- Detect Magic at will
- Light at will

These secondary powers are used as a 20th-level caster. All Dragon Orbs possess the strange ability to escape destruction. Some Dragon Orbs might possess additional powers, perhaps derived from the color of the dragon spirit trapped within, but this is not known for certain.

Dragon Orbs possess a precognitive sense for danger, and will use telepathy to convince mortals to transport them elsewhere. In addition, any harmful effect not directly targeted at a Dragon Orb (for example, a fireball or falling debris) will fail to harm the artifact. If deliberately targeted by an attack, however, Dragon Orbs are fragile, possessing Hardness 1, hp 5, and Break DC 15.

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