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Bupu's Emerald

This large emerald is thought to have been created as a gift to the benighted races of Krynn by the arch-mage Raistlin; the tales say that the emerald can simple appear in the possession of any gully dwarf, kender, or gnome.

If the owner of the emerald is in a life-threatening situation, he can offer the emerald to an opponent, causing the opponent to be instantly overcome by the gem's beauty. If the opponent fails a Will save (DC 22), he is affected by a sympathy spell. However, should the opponent touch the emerald, a finger of death immediately targets the creature, causing instant death (Fortitude save DC 21 reduces this to 3d6+20 hit points of damage). The original owner of the emerald can then escape or retrieve the treasure.

This gem is thought to be the emerald given to Raistlin by the gully dwarf, Bupu, in the ruins of Xak Tsaroth. The emerald's power cannot be used should it come into the possession of a character not of the gully dwarf, kender, or gnome races.

Caster Level: 20th

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