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Bloodstone of Fistandantilus

This powerful artifact is green gemstone flecked with red, about three inches in diameter, with a plain silver setting and chain. Created during the Age of Dreams, this artifact came into Raistlin's possession after he defeated Fistandantilus just prior to the Cataclysm.

Any arcane spellcaster can use the Bloodstone to heal 2d8+1 points of damage with a command word, but this not its primary function. A separate command word initiates a magical contest between the character and an opponent within 40 feet; the loser's soul is removed from his body, and permanently replaced by the soul of the winner. In the round after this command word is spoken, both characters must make an opposed Will save, with the following results:

- If the character fails and victim saves, the character suffers 1d10+5 point of damage and loses his next action. The victim is free to take actions normally.

- If neither is successful (due to rolling the same result), each loses 1d10+5 hit points. The character can choose to activate Bloodstone again as a standard action, or take some other action. The victim is free to take actions normally.

- If the character saves and victim fails, the victim's spirit is torn from his body and departs the material plane. The character's spirit is transferred to the victim's body, and his original body crumbles to dust. The character keeps his original ability scores, except where the victim's ability scores are higher. If the victim's level was higher than that of the character, the character immediately gains enough levels as a wizard or sorcerer to attain this character level.

Absorbing another character's life force is an extremely evil act. The character gains access to some of the memories of the victim, which can cause confusion and disorientation unless the character is strong enough to retain his own identity. This requires three or more Will saving throws to accomplish (DC equals 10+victim's Charisma score).

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