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Item Code: #8372

Title: The History of Dragonlance

Type: Accessory

Published: 1995

Format: 252-page perfect-bound book

Catalogue of Reference

Here within the walls of the Great Library of Palanthas, you will find a treasure trove on the world of Krynn and its inhabitants. Visitors to that enchanted realm have left with us records of their journeys. Feel free to browse through them at your leisure. You may not take the scrolls with you, but the monks will be happy to copy any for your use. Please put in your request at the front desk and be aware that the copying time is about six years, longer if you would like the document illustrated. May your studies by fruitful.
-Astinus of Palanthas.


For Your Enlightenment, We Offer:

Interviews with Famous Travelers of Krynn.
Music, Poetry, and Recipes.
Magical Artifacts and Weapons.
Legends, Proverbs, and Stories.
Essays and Journals.
Descriptions of Battles Past and Future.
And More. Refer to Next Aisle.

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