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The Legion of Steel 

This knighthood was founded by Sara Dunstan, adoptive mother of Steel Brightblade, four years after the Chaos War.

The knighthood is dedicated to justice, based upon selflessness and mutual aid, in honors of the sacrifice made by Steel Brightblade in the Chaos War (Dragon of Summer Flame). The Legion of Steel will be one of the most important organizations in Ansalon, drawing knights to its ranks from both The Knights of Solamnia and The Knights of Takhisis.

The joined forces here actually started in the end of the Chaos War. The joining forces of good and evil, The Knights of Solamnia and The Knights of Takhisis, are led by Steel Brighblade attacked Chaos himself in Abyss. Here is an excerpt of the event. (Dragon of Summer Flame, page 533-534)

... Chaos pointed at the Solamnic Knights. "Paladine is dead! You fight alone." Chaos turned to the dark knights. "Takhisis has fled. You fight alone." Chaos spread his enormous arms, which seemed to encompass the universe. "There is no hope. You have no gods. What have you left?" Steel drew his sword and raised it in the air. The metal did not reflect the fire, but shone white, argent, like moonlight on ice. "Each other," he answered…

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