Champions of Krynn
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Champions of Krynn

Released: 1990
Published by: Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Developed by: Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Music by: Electronic Arts
Platforms: Dos, Commodore 64
Genre: Adventure, Role-Playing
Perspective: 1st-Person, Top Down

Description: The first of SSI's "gold box" games set in the AD&D world of Dragonlance. The War of the Lance is over, a few outposts remain to guard northeast Ansalon. Your party of adventurers is hired to carry out missions for the knights because evil has not left after the war was won...

Champions of Krynn improves on the award-winning game system used in SSI's mega-hits POOL of RADIANCE and CURSE of the AZURE BONDS.Now, for the first time on your computer, The DRAGONLANCEŽ Saga unfolds in a spectacular AD&DŽ fantasy role-playing adventure!

The War of the Lance is over, but Evil is a BAD loser...

With the Dragonarmies defeated and the lands to the east reconquered, the forces of good have withdrawn and settled down to a well-earned rest. Evil forces, however, never rest and have been quietly plotting a cataclysmic return to power! Their goal : nothing short of establishing the Dark Queen, Takhisis, as undisputed ruler of Krynn!
Guide your party of characters through a dark web of intrigue and combat, where dragons, draconians and other unspeakable monstrosities dwell. Go with a brave heart - for you and your heroic adventurers are all that stand in the way of evil tyranny!

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