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Lauralanthalasa "Laurana" Kanan

Race : Qualinesti Elf
Gender : Female
Class :
Fighter 5th Level
Alignment : Chaotic Good
AD&D Stats: Str 13; Dex 17; Con 14; Int 15; Wis 13; Cha 16; Ac ; THAC0 ; hp
Residence: Qualinesti
Ht ; Wt lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon: Bow, Long sword
Special Abilities: Infravision, 90% resist sleep/charm
Titles: Golden General, Hero of the Lance

Lauralanthalasa Kanan was born in AC 278 in Qualinost. She is the daughter of the Speaker of the Sun (at the time of her birth), Solostaran, leader of Qualinesti wood elves. Laurana, as she was known in the Common tongue, is the youngest of three children. Her oldest brother, Porthios, was heir to the throne and the "responsible" child. Gilthanas, the middle child, looked up to his brother and was overprotective of his sister.

Laurana's childhood was a priveleged one. She lived in the Tower of the Sun, the most extravagant structure in all of Qualinost. She had all the luxuries of a noble's daughter. Since she was a young girl, she had a crush on Tanis Half-Elven, her father's ward (and, technically, her cousin). When she was 10, she told Tanis that someday they would be married. Tanis wasn't sure how he felt about Laurana's affections, but he had to hide any feelings he held for her because of his half-breed heritage. The elves, especially Laurana's family, disapproved of her love for Tanis. This didn't bother Laurana; she was very adamant and used to getting her way. Tanis left Qualinost with Flint Fireforge 25 years later, but returned to visit regularly.

During the War of the Lance, Tanis returned to Qualinost. Gilthanas and Porthios joined the war effort with Tanis; however, against her father's will, Laurana followed Tanis and joined the Companions as well. Because Laurana was very sheltered (she never left Qualinesti until then), she had little use during the war effort at first. She was forced to mature very quickly and learn the art of warfare.

Laurana still bore her affection for Tanis. At first, it was still the childish crush she had for him years earlier, but she got to know another side of Tanis during the war and fell in love with him. Tanis was, however, torn between his feelings for Laurana by his elven side and Kitiara by his human side.

During the war, Laurana led a flight of dragons and Solamnic Knights armed with the legendary Dragonlances against a flight of evil dragons and Dragon Highlords. She proved to be a great leader, winning the battle and being named an honorary general. She was called the "Golden General" and stories of her battles were told throughout Krynn.

Laurana was captured by the Dark Queen and held as bait for Tanis near the end of the war. Tanis, seeing her true beauty and courage, realized he really did love her. After the defeat of Ariakas and the banishment of the Dark Queen, the war was won. They were married soon after and had one son, which they named Gilthas, after her brother Gilthanas.

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